Thursday, 18 November 2010

New Town Plaza, Hong Kong | I assisted artist Zoe Bradley for this project. We made a four metre by six metre paper rose dress, for shopping centre New Town Plaza in Shatin, Hong Kong. The aim of the project was to attract luxury designers to open boutiques in the shopping complex. The dress took three weeks to make in London, and four days for us to install in Hong Kong.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

NuBo |
NuBo skin care were launching a new product, exclusively to Selfridges in London, they wanted their concession to really stand out and catch the customers eye. NuBo asked me to create something which reflect their brand/product.
The face cream they were launching was made with rose oil, so I created these roses out of paper, the display added a really soft, feminine touch.

Paper castle | I assisted artist Kyle Bean for this project in June. The window was featured in Selfridges, Oxford street store throughout the summer (2010). The idea is that the scales are balanced, but the outcome of each side is completely different. On one side there is a cluster of old fairy tale books, and on the other, we made an illustration from inside one of the books come to life by using the book pages as our medium.

Hermes Summer Fate | I made these crates for Hermes by dismantling their signature packaging boxes, I then rebuilt the box into a crate for an event Hermes held in Cornwall for buyers and loyal customers.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Flower power packaging | Designed and constructed by myself for Kathryn Prance lingerie.

Apples and Pears | I have made this paper fruit for the fruity cocktail themed windows in Tatty Devine's Covent Garden Boutique, Monmouth Street.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Tatty Devine | This window theme was based on their spring/summer 2010 Senorita jewellery collection. I designed and made the display to create a hot and mediterranean atmosphere for the boutique. The window was featured throughout March.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bird Houses | I designed and made the bird house display for Tatty Devine, it is situated behind the till at their covent Garden boutique. The little houses display a variety of bird jewellery available in their Best Of range and current Spring collection.

Pandora Mannequin Head | I made this mannequin head for a display inside the Tatty Devine Covent Garden boutique. I painted the head to match the Pandora jewellery available now in their new Spring collection.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tatty Devine | I have been working as a visual merchandiser at Tatty Devine in Covent Garden for the past few weeks. To celebrate their new doily jewellery range I made their Valentines window display based on doilies and cakes. I made the cakes out of cardboard and paper, and was fortunate enough to be sponsored by a wonderful paper company, GF Smith.

Lingerie display | I created this display to be situated within the lingerie section of a department store. The display holds garments by lingerie designer Kathryn Prance. I designed and made the logo, signage and packaging for Kathryn, along with refurbishing this old dressing table, and designing and making the surrounding props, all of which I hand made out of paper.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Liberty windows | These are Liberty’s current windows, the colours, patterns and textures in the windows are so beautiful, feminine and calming. Just what is needed after hectic, stressful Christmas shopping and January sales. The mannequins are desirably dressed in similar soothing tones of plums and creams, and lots of layers.

I made the pompoms featured in the windows using mostly a salmon tulle fabric and a Liberty print fabric which is available to purchase in their very impressive haberdashery department, I recommend a visit!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tiffany & Co | During September, October and November 2009 I worked as a freelance artist for Zoe Bradley. I have worked for Zoe many times previously, but this was definitely the largest job I have worked on, and same for Zoe. Along with a small team, we made Tiffany & Co’s Christmas windows worldwide using only paper and clear perspex. There were five window designs in total, all displaying a very intricate and wonderful Christmas scene. The only store to have all five windows was Tiffany’s Flagship store on 5th Avenue, New York. The windows in New York and on London’s Bond Street were extra special as they had moving and rotating parts. The ballerina spun, the reindeers galloped, the butterflies flew and the dancers danced. They looked so beautiful.

Happy Birthday | I made this card for my cousins 16th. It’s a mixture of collage and illustration. If you would like a personalised card made for any occasion email me at

Mannequin heads | I have made these female mannequin heads for London store, Liberty. Each head is attached to a brass fitting, which is secured onto the wall for scarfs, hats and head-pieces to be displayed upon. I first made the heads in August 2009 for the Hermès pop-up shop in Liberty’s scarf room. Liberty and Hermès collaborated for the first time last year creating 6 exclusive, limited edition beautiful scarfs, designed by Bali Barret, Creative Director of Hermès Silk.
Since the pop up shop in September 2009 I have made more mannequin heads for displays in Liberty's scarf room.

Shop window | I made this window based on renewable kinetic energy. The idea is that there are circular disks cut out of the glass, allowing wind generated by the passing public into the window, which would create enough wind to power the turbines.

This provides enough energy to power the lights in the windows, saving money and the environment. I am also implying how wind turbines can look unsightly, so do your best to save energy and power as this may one day be a very common landscape.