Wednesday, 15 September 2010

NuBo |
NuBo skin care were launching a new product, exclusively to Selfridges in London, they wanted their concession to really stand out and catch the customers eye. NuBo asked me to create something which reflect their brand/product.
The face cream they were launching was made with rose oil, so I created these roses out of paper, the display added a really soft, feminine touch.

Paper castle | I assisted artist Kyle Bean for this project in June. The window was featured in Selfridges, Oxford street store throughout the summer (2010). The idea is that the scales are balanced, but the outcome of each side is completely different. On one side there is a cluster of old fairy tale books, and on the other, we made an illustration from inside one of the books come to life by using the book pages as our medium.

Hermes Summer Fate | I made these crates for Hermes by dismantling their signature packaging boxes, I then rebuilt the box into a crate for an event Hermes held in Cornwall for buyers and loyal customers.